Where are our former Graduate Students?

Primary Name Graduation Year Current Position
Cichewicz, Magdalena Anna 2017 August 2017 Graduate
D’Innocenzi, Jaclyn Marie 2017 MD/PhD Student, University of Virginia
Tongjai, Siripong 2017 Lecturer, Chaing Mai University, Thailand
Anderson, Anoush Emrazian 2016 Scientist, DOD, Charlottesville, VA
Capaldo, Brian 2016 Data Analyst, Core Facilities, University of Virginia School of Medicine
Clift, Sheena Hazel 2016 Clinical Research Coordinator, Division of Gynecologic Oncology, University of Virginia
Griffith, Steven Dale 2016 Value Strategy Manager, GSK Vaccines
Nardi, Isaac 2016 Postdoctoral Fellow, City of Hope
Szymura, Szymon Jakub 2016 Postdoctoral Researcher, Oncology and Cancer Biology, University of Chicago Medicine
True, Jason 2016 Postdoctoral Fellow, Proteomics Core, Indiana University
Yang, Jiekun 2016 Research Associate, Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics, University of Virginia
Faust, Gregory 2015 Chief Technology Officer, Biotechnology, Variantyx
Wierman, Margaret Brady 2015 Clinical Research Professional, Nor Consult LLC
Allen, Emma K 2014 Postdoctoral Fellow at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital
Dailey, Meghan Barnhart 2014 Postdoc Researcher, Timlin Lab at Sandia National Labs, New Mexico
Harmon, Daniel Bernard 2014 Postdoctoral Fellow, Endocrinology, University of Pittsburgh
Lindberg, Michael Reed 2014 Student at Georgetown University School of Medicine
Snow, Chelsi Jean 2014 Research Scientist at Batelle Memorial Institute
Stellfox, Madison Elaine 2014 Medical Student, New York Medical College
Bjerke, Glen Allan 2013 Postdoctoral Associate, Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology, University of Colorado, Boulder
Datta, Sutirtha 2013 Sr. Clinical Research Associate at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
Matson, Daniel Rusch 2013 Resident, Dept. of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, Univ. of Wisconsin
Miller, Jaime Lynn 2013 Hematology & Oncology Fellow, UPMC Hillman Cancer Center
Mueller, Adam Christopher 2013 Resident Physician, Radiation Oncology, University of Colorado, Denver
Poorey, Kunal 2013 Senior Member, R & D Technical Staff, Sandia National Labs
Sendinc, Erdem 2013 Research Fellow, Pediatrics, Boston Children’s Hospital, Harvard University
Tomlinson IV, Melvin J 2013 Research Assistant in Bioinformatics at University of Delaware
Wamsley, James Jacob 2013 Scientific Client Support Specialist, Promega Corporation
Burke, Tara Lynne 2012 Director, Public Policy and Advocacy, Association for Molecular Pathology
Gagan, Jeffrey Robert 2012 Molecular and Genetic Pathology Fellow at Partners HealthCare
Johnson, Joseph McKinney 2012 Physical Therapy Student, Virginia Commonwealth University
Sun, Dandan 2012 Manager, Market Access Effectiveness, Commercial Effectiveness at Novo Nordisk
Viswanathan, Ramya 2012 Scientist, Alexander BioDiscoveries
Wells, Melissa Nicole 2012 Research Scientist, LabCorp Clinical Trials, Raleigh-Durham, NC
Zylkiewicz, Eliza 2012 Team Leader, Discovery Biology, Selvita
Allison, David F. 2011 Post-Doctoral Trainee, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Atalay (Demirel), Pinar Buket 2011 Assistant Professor at Maltepe University Medical School
Cannady (Wiggins), Kimberly R 2011 Grants Administrator, Medical University of South Carolina
Glidden, Emily Jordan 2011 Certified Equine Gestalt Coach, Touched By A Horse
Lin, Jie 2011 Sr. Research Technologist, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital
Matlock (De Santis), Andrea Marie 2011 Postdoctoral Scientist, Proteomic Analyses of Motor Neuron Diseases, Cedars-Sinai
McCullough, Shaun David 2011 Principal Investigator-NHEERL, at US EPA
Zerlanko, Brad Joseph 2011 Editorial Project Manager, Springer Healthcare
Baker, Stephen Patrick 2010 Research Scientist at US Department of Defense
Copeland, Clinton Lee 2010 Research Analyst, CNA Corporation
Malhotra, Ankit 2010 Computational Scientist, The Jackson Laboratory for Genomic Medicine
Trace, Anthony Paul 2010 Resident, Radiology, EVMS
Dunn, Lauren Kingsley 2009 Resident Physician, Anesthesiology, University of Virginia School of Medicine
Keyes, Brice Edward 2009 Scientist, Calico Labs
Knowlton, Anne Lide 2009 Scientific Editor, Cell Press/Elsevier
Lavelle, Daniel Thor 2009 Pediatrician at Albany Medical Center
Merrill, Jacqueline Clarke 2009 Senior Scientist, Virginia’s Division of Consolidated Laboratory Services
Miller, Stephanie Amanda 2009 Director of Technology Transfer and Research Park Initiatives, Embryi-Riddle Aeronautical Univ.
Powers, Shannon Elizabeth 2009 Medical Writer, MedErgy, Yardley, PA (Deceased, 8/2/2011)
Siclari, Valerie Anne 2009 Associate Medical Director, Avant Healthcare
Wade, Staton Lee 2009 Study Manager Companion Diagnostics, Covance
Emanuele, Michael James 2008 Assistant Professor, Pharmacology, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Grubbs (Sprouse), Rebekka O’Grady 2008 Scientist, Chemistry, St. John Fisher College (Deceased, February 12, 2014)
Hontz, Robert Duane 2008 Research Microbiologist, US Navy
Kelley, Joshua Brian 2008 Assistant Professor, Molecular and Biomedical Sciences, University of Maine
Nitcher, Sara Eileen Rosasco 2008 Principal Research Scientist, Battelle
Riddick, Gregory Parker 2008 Senior Research Fellow, NIDDK, National Institutes of Health
Snyder, Ashley Hasbrouck 2008 Vice President, Transformation Partner at Evolent Health
Wang, Ying 2008 Director, Biostatistics, Novartis
Afshar, Nima 2007 NIH ORI Censure for Data Falsification while at UCSF
Low, Chiu-Hui Claudia 2007 Director, Scientific Affairs,  inVentiv Medical Communications
Ramsey, Catherine Sharon 2007 Senior Manager, Biogen
Shank, Leonard Carl 2007 Assistant Professor, Biology, Louisiana College
Smith Jr., Daniel Larry 2007 Assistant Professor, Nutrition Sciences, University of Alabama, Birmingham
Arandjelovic, Sanja 2006 Research Scientist, Microbiology, University of Virginia
Cantarel, Brandi Lynn 2006 Assistant Professor, Bioinformatics, UT Southwestern Medical Center
Daniel, Jeremy Austin 2006 Scientific Officer, Novo Nordisk Foundation
Errington (Allison), Anne Byram 2006 Professor, Biology, Piedmont Virginia Community College
Guillot, Stacey Jo 2006 Assistant Professor, University of Virginia Advanced Microscopy Facility
Kagey, Michael Hays 2006 Associate Director at Leap Therapeutics
Lan, Weijie 2006 Scientist, Fate Therapeutics Inc
Torok, Michael Scott 2006 Head of Operations, Clinical Pharmacology and Exploratory Development, Astellas Pharma
Whipple, Emily Christine 2006 Vice President, Medical Director, OpenQ
Davis, Michael Drew 2005 Technology Development Specialist, NHLBI Office of Technology Transfer and Development
Gallo, Christopher Michael 2005 Patent Litigation Associate at Axinn, Veltrop & Harkrider LLP
Hoberg, James Edward 2005 Head of Licensing & External Innovation, Millipore Sigma
Kennedy, Adam David 2005 Director of Scientific Discovery and Application at Metabolon
Mettenburg, Joseph Michael 2005 Neuroradiologist, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center
Barber, Cynthia Mullikin 2004 Vice President, Regulatory, Medical and Clinical Affairs, Perrigo
McCleland, Mark Lawrence 2004 Companion Diagnostics Project Leader, Genentech
Molhoek, Kerrington L 2004 Manager, Site Intelligence and Strategic Development, Scientific Affairs at PRA Health Sciences
Reese, Justin Thomas 2004 Managing Director, Reese Consulting, LLC
Taverna, Sean Dixon 2004 Associate Professor,  Pharmacology and Molecular Sciences, Johns Hopkins
Darst, Russell Paul 2003 Scientist, Research and  Development, Thermofisher Scientific
Huang, Mingqian 2003 Assistant Professor of Radiology, Stony Brook University Medical Center
Jacobs, Steven Allen 2003 Director of Biophysics at Janssen Bio Therapeutics
Loch, Christian Marion 2003 Director of Research & Development, AVMBioMed
Bailey (Swanegan),Leeann Odette 2002 Branch Chief, Integrated Networks Branch at National Cancer Institute (NCI), Center to Reduce Cancer Health Disparities
Black, Ben Edward 2002 Associate Professor, Biochemistry and Biophysics, University of Pennsylvania
Cinar, Bekir 2002 Associate Professor, Biological Sciences, Clark Atlanta University
Hsu, Jer-Yuan 2002 Principal Scientist, NGM Biopharmaceuticals
Suttitanamongkol, Sudawadee 2002 Assistant Professor in Dept. of Medical Technology at Thammasat University Bangkok
Steggerda, Susanne Marie 2001 Scientist, Tumor Immunology and Metabolism, Calithera Biosciences
Hooks, Shelley Brown 2001 Associate Professor and Graduate Coordinator, University of Georgia
Gadd, Martha Elaine 2000 Senior Scientist, New Target Identification & Validation, Janssen (Disease Interception Accelerator Program)
Li, Xiaomei 2000 Test Engineer, Northrop Grumman
Nguyen, Diem Hong Duong 2000 Global President, Americas, Pfizer Essential Health
Vichai, Vanicha 2000 Research Scientist, National Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, Thailand
Durvasula, Ramesh Venkata 1999 VP and Information Officer, Research Labs, Eli Lilly and Company
McCallum, Scott Alexander 1999 Research Assistant Professor and Core Director, Bioimaging Core Facility, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Simon Jr., Carl George 1999 Project Leader, NIST
Wood, Todd Charles 1999 President, Core Academy of Science
Allison, Timothy John 1998 Scientist and Manager of Field Applications for North America, Labcyte
Muthuswami, Rohini 1998 Associate Professor, Life Sciences, Jawaharlal Nehru University
Pool, Chadler Thomas 1998 Principal Medical Science Liaison, Rheumatology, Janssen Medical Affairs
Wang, Shuntai 1998 Director, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals
Hembrough, Todd Allen 1997 Chief Scientific Officer, Head of R&D, OncoPlex Diagnostics
Kalejta, Robert F 1997 Professor, Molecular Virology and Oncology, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Weaver, Alissa Margaret 1997 Professor, Cell and Developmental Biology, Vanderbilt University School of Medicine
Jin, Xiaowei 1996 Senior Consultant at Chinese Organization for Rare Disorders
Truman, Patrick Alexander 1996 Science Teacher, Montgomery County Public Schools, Virginia
Webb, Donna Jane 1995 Associate Professor, Cell and Developmental Biology, Vanderbilt University (Deceased, May 15, 2017)
Crookston, Kendall Paul 1994 Professor of Pathology and Internal Med. and Director of Transfusion Med & Coag at Univ. of New Mexico
Penington, Christopher John 1994 General Practitioner, Family Medicine, Guardian Medical
Reist, Craig James 1994 Assistant Director, Duke Clinical Research Institute
Wolf, Beni Brian 1994 Vice President, Clinical Development, Blueprint Medicines
Geanacopoulos, Mark 1993 Writer/Editor, Food and Drug Administration
Kibelbek, Julia Lynne 1993 Science Teacher, The Hillside School, Macungie, PA
Almeida, Paulo F. M. S. Ferrand 1992 Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry, UNCW
Anonick, Patrick Kevin 1992 Medical Director and Cardiologist, Sanger Heart & Vascular Institute Northeast
Mesner, Larry Don 1992 Assistant Professor, Public Health Sciences, University of Virginia
Sisk, Robert B. 1992 Program Security Incident Response Team at IBM
Vaughn, James Petersen 1992 Consultant, Aptamer Technology, Nanomedica, Inc.
Zeng, Dewan 1992 Senior Director, Clinical Science, BeiGene
Sisk, Susan Coleman 1991 Owner and Principal Consultant, SFP Consulting
Vorachek, William Richard 1991 Faculty Research Associate, Veterinary Biomedical Sciences, Oregon State
Leu, Tzeng-Horng 1990 Professor, Pharmacology, National Cheng Kung University
Wimley, William Charles 1990 Professor, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Tulane University
Foreman, Pamela Kim 1989 Blue Ocean Pharma LLC
Winegar, Deborah Ann 1989 Vice President of Clinical Affairs, HemoSonics LLC
Edberg, Jeffrey Carl 1988 Professor of Medicine, Clinical Immunology & Rheumatology, UAB
Nichols, Guy Eddy 1987 Pathologist, Pathology Laboratories West
Bertholf, Roger Lloyd 1985 Director, Clinical Chemistry, Houston Methodist
Kochevar, Laura Eleanor 1985 Current Position Unknown
Montoya-Zavala, Martin 1985 Project Manager, Molecular Science Research Building, University of Puerto Rico
Pedersen, Steen Erik 1984 Associate Professor, Biochemistry, Baylor College of Medicine
Shelton Jr., Robert Leslie 1984 Physician in General Surgery at Umass Memorial, Leominster, MA
Markello, Thomas Charles 1983 Genetics Researcher, NIH
Milbrandt, Jeffrey Dean 1983 Chairman, Department of Genetics, Washington University in St. Louis