2018 Fall BMG Research/Journal Club Schedule


     BMG Presentation Date Presenter Date Title Title
Thursday Speaker Host September September
Wotton 5 Myt transcription factors regulate the Hippo pathway in GBM
Dr. Narendra Wajapeyee Sanchita Bhatnagar 14 Catherine Robertson (JC-Varley)/Teddy Kamata (JC-Wajapeyee) 12 Varley et al. Dynamic DNA methylation across diverse human cell lines and tissues. Genome Research. 2013 Paraoxonase 2 Facilitates Pancreatic Cancer Growth and Metastasis by Stimulating GLUT1-Mediated Glucose Transport.
Dr. K-T Varley Michael Guertin 21 Sheffield 19 Organizing large-scale biological data, and chromatin dynamics in mitosis
Dr. Jef Boeke CMB students 28 Robyn Sherman (JC-Xuebiao)/Teressa Paulsen (Research Talk) 26 Phosphorylation of PP1 Regulator Sds22 by PLK1 Ensures Accurate Chromosome Segregation MicroDNA (extrachromosomal circular DNA) in normal tissues and cancers express short regulatory RNAs, are created by specific repair enzymes, and can be detected in the cell-free DNA in the circulation
October October
Dr. Yao Xuebiao Anindya Dutta 5 Egelman 3 Life at the Extreme: Insights from Hyperthermophilic Archaea and the Viruses that Infect Them
Dr. Daniel Larson David Auble 12 Andrew Grainger (research talk)/Naomi Atkin (JC-Larson) 10 “Dissecting Ath49, A Genetic Locus Influencing Atherosclerosis” “Real-Time Observation of Transcription Initiation and Elongation on an Endogenous Yeast Gene”
Dr. Michael Emanuele Todd Stukenberg 19 Auble 17 “An unfolding epigenetic catastrophe in undernutrition”
Dr. Laurence Lum Jogi Singh 26 Alexandra Newman (research talk)/Basel Al-Barghouthi (JC-Cliffe) 24 Platelet Derived Growth Factor Receptor Beta Activation in Smooth Muscle Cells is Protective in Advanced Atherosclerosis Neuronal stress pathway mediating a histone methyl/phospho switch is required for herpes simplex virus reactivation.
Singh 31 “Antibody Based Investigative and Therapeutic Strategies for Cancer”.
November November
Dr. Anna Cliffe Michael Guertin 2 Purow 7 “Novel combination approaches to treat glioblastoma.”
Dr. Qin Yan Hui Li 9 Katie Owsiany (research talk)/Annie Carlton (research talk) 14
Dr. Marisa Bartolomie Sanchita Bhatnagar 16 Dutta 21 Tales of genome instability
Rebecca Wilson (research talk)/Roza Prxanowska (JC or research talk-TBD) 28 “Mitochondrial protein S-nitrosation protects against ischemia-reperfusion-induced denervation at neuromuscular junction in skeletal muscle”. “Noncoding RNAs in skeletal muscle differentiation”.
December December
 No seminars in December Olivia Sabik (research talk)/Beth Wagner (research talk) 12
Adli 19