Anindya Dutta UVa Faculty Collaborative Research Interests

Noncoding RNAs are an exciting tool of enquiry as we probe development and treatment of a host of cancers.  This team has interests in prostate, bladder and lung cancers, as well as gliomas, myositis and the effects of radiotherapy.

Anindya Dutta

Dutta, Anindya

Genomic Instability in Cancer Cells; Noncoding RNAs in differentiation and cancer; Bioinformatics of cancer outcome

Christopher Moskaluk

Moskaluk, Christopher A.

Molecular pathogenesis and genomic analysis of human cancers

James Mandell

Mandell, James W.

Identification of Novel Biomarkers for Inflammatory Myopathies

Benjamin Purow

Purow, Benjamin W.

Novel therapeutic approaches to brain cancers and to other neurologic diseases

David Schiff

Schiff, David

Brain tumor clinical trials, brain tumor epidemiology

Henry Frierson

Frierson, Henry F.

Role of genes and gene products in prostate, breast, and salivary gland cancers

Tarek Abbas

Abbas, Tarek A.

The Ubiquitin System and Human Cancer

James Larner

Larner, James M.

Neuro-oncology, DNA damage-sensing pathways


Dan Theodorescu, Director of  Cancer Center, U. Colorado, Denver

David R. Jones, Chief of Thoracic Surgery, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center