Visiting Postdoctoral Fellow Candidate Symposium-2017

Visiting Postdoctoral Fellow Candidate Symposium

Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Genetics

Friday December 1, 2017, BMG Library

 9:00-9:10         Welcome-Dr. Yuh-Hwa Wang                                                 


 9:10-9:40         Allie Mills-UNC                                                                              

                              Identification of Sirtuin 5 as a Novel SCF (CyclinF)       

                              Substrate Linking Proliferation and Metabolism


 9:40-10:10         Youngran Park-Johns Hopkins

                                Loss of ARID1A Confers Selective Vulnerability to

                                Radiation and PARP Inhibitor Combination Therapy


 10:10-10:40        Alex Guseman-UNC

                                 Protein Dimerization in Physiology Relevant Environments


 10:40-11:10        Neha Tandon-University of Houston

                                DNA Binding Ability is Important for MESP1 Induced Carcinogenesis


 11:10-11:40        Jennifer Ocasio-UNC

                               WNT Signaling Inhibits Cerebellar Neural Progenitor

                               Proliferation and May be Targeted in Medulloblastoma

11:40-11:50         Closing Remarks-Dr. Anindya Dutta

11:50-12:50         Lunch