BMG Retreat 2018

8:30-9:00Wednesday December 5, 2018 Zehmer Hall
9:00-9:15Welcome and Opening Remarks
BMG Chair, Prof. Anindya Dutta
Associate Prof. Hao Jiang
Material properties of protein condensates regulate tumorigenesis
9:40-10:05Prof. Yuh-Hwa Wang
Role of alternative DNA secondary structure and Topoisomerase II in DNA fragility
10:05-10:20Dr. Fengbin “Jerry” Wang
Cryo-EM reveals atomic structure of microbial nanowires
10:20-10:40Coffee Break
10:40-11:05Prof. Marty Mayo
Role of MYBL2 in lung cancer progression
11:05-11:30Assistant Prof. Chongzhi Zang
Global alteration of CTCF binding in the cancer genome
11:30-11:45Katherine Owsiany
Dual lineage tracing and scRNAseq define SMC phenotypic transitions in atherosclerosis
11:45-12:00Basel Al-Barghouthi
Ppp6r3 is a determinant of bone mineral density and morphology in mice
12:00-1:30Lunch + Poster Session I
1:30-1:55Prof. David Auble
Chromatin dynamics over seconds, minutes, hours, days and years
1:55-2:20Assistant Prof. Clint Miller
Genetic risk factors for coronary artery disease
2:20-2:35Elizabeth Wagner
A potential role for XIRP2 in the repair of sensory hair cell stereocilia
2:35-2:50Ryan Fine
Cohesin depletion and chromosome instability as a cause of replicative aging in yeast
2:50-4:00Coffee Break + Poster Session II
4:00-4:35Student Presentation
4:35-4:45Awards and Closing Remarks