Kyung Yong’s Molecular Cell paper in UVA Today

  https://news.virginia.edu/content/discovery-suggests-better-way-treat-certain-prostate-cancers-lymphomas   Discovery Suggests Better Way to Treat Certain Prostate Cancers, Lymphomas news.virginia.edu UVA researchers have … [Read more...]

2017 DOD Breakthrough Award

Congratulations to Dr. Jogender Tushir-Singh, Ph.D (Initiating PI) and Dr. Sanchita Bhatnagar, Ph.D (Partnering PI) for being awarded with Department of Defense (DoD), Breast Cancer Research Program Breakthrough award. At University of Virginia … [Read more...]

2017 Schiff Foundation Award-Todd Stukenberg

Congratulations to Dr. Todd Stukenberg for being chosen as a recipient of a Schiff Foundation award from the Cancer Center. The Cancer Center received a large gift from the Schiff Foundation to support brain tumor research.  Cancer Center members of … [Read more...]

2017-Dean’s Award for Excellence in Faculty Research

Congratulation's to Dr. Mazhar Adli for his selection as a recipient of this year's Deans Award for Excellence in Faculty Research! … [Read more...]

Adli Lab-Finds New Way to Shut Off Genes to Battle Genetic Diseases

Congratulations to the Adli … [Read more...]

Ubiquitin Modification by the E3 Ligase-Molecular Cell Paper-Bryce Paschal & CS Yang

Congratulations to Dr. Bryce Paschal for his recently published paper in Molecular Cell entitled Ubiquitin Modification by the E3 Ligase.  See link for additional information and abstract. Ubiquitin Modification by the E3 … [Read more...]

Adli Lab finds way to view genes inside living cells in real time

UVA Team Finds Way to View Genes Inside Living Cells, in Real Time: Please read more in UVA today. https://www.news.virginia.edu/content/uva-team-finds-way-view-genes-inside-living-cells-real-time   … [Read more...]

2017 UVA E-Cup Competition-Sepehr Zomorodi & Jisun Kim

Congratulations goes to Sepehr Zomorodi (4th Year BME) and Jisun Kim (3rd Year BME), working jointly in the McConnell lab and the Swami lab (CSE) who won second place in the launch round of the UVa Entrepreneurship Cup.  This follows an earlier first … [Read more...]

2017/2018 Double Hoo Award-Robyn Sherman & Zeming (Eileen) Zheng

Congratulations to Robyn Sherman and Zeming (Eileen) Zheng in the Bhatnagar Lab. They have been selected as 2017/2018 Double Hoo Award recipients for their project entitled "Awakening the Silent X-chromosome for Rett Syndrome Therapeutics".  Their … [Read more...]

Dr. Edward Egelman receives prestigious MIRA award from NIH

Dr. Ed Egelman just received a very prestigious MIRA award from the NIH.  This award is given after a very competitive review to a subset of scientists who have >2 R01s from the NIGMS. NIGMS adopted this  scheme to make long term commitments to … [Read more...]