Mazhar Adli speaks with reports about the controversial issue surrounding the CRISPRed Chinese babies

More to come however initial interviews can be found … [Read more...]

2018 Lasker Award-Dr. C. David Allis

Congratulations to Dr. C. David Allis a former faculty member at the University of Virginia who received the 2018 Lasker Award for his work on histone modifications and gene expression.  Dr. Allis performed his seminal work while a Professor in … [Read more...]

2018 Robert J Kadner Award-Dr. Jeff Smith

On behalf of the Academy of Distinguished Educators, I am writing to congratulate you on being awarded the 2018 Robert J. Kadner Award for Outstanding Graduate Teaching, because of your exceptional teaching. We will recognize your receipt of this … [Read more...]

2018 SfN travel award-Will Chronister

Congratulations to William Chronister for being chosen as a 2018 SfN travel fellow.  Will was chosen after submitting a CV, Abstract for 2018 CVCSN conference, and letter of recommendation from his PI.  These funds will support his travel to this … [Read more...]

Dr’s Jogender Tushir-Singh and Sanchita Bhatnagar-UVA Today and Cancer Cell Article on Ovarian Cancer Tumors

Congratulations to Jogender and Sanchita on this exiting new breakthrough, article published in Cancer Cell.                                  UVA Developing ‘Two-Headed Arrow’ to Kill Ovarian Cancer … [Read more...]

2018 Society for Neuroscience Award-Nadine Michel

Congratulations to Nadine on her SFN award for 2018.   Dear Nadine Michel, On behalf of the Society for Neuroscience (SfN), SfN’s Professional Development … [Read more...]

Dr. Mazhar Adli’s review of the powerhouse technique: “The CRISPR tool kit for genome editing and beyond

Dr. Mazhar Adli recently published a great review of the powerhouse technique:  “The CRISPR tool kit for genome editing and beyond.   You can read the full article at: The CRISPR tool kit for genome editing and beyond. … [Read more...]

Roza Przanowska is awarded American Heart Association Fellowship

Congratulations to Roza Przanowska who is a second year graduate student and has just been awarded an American Heart Association Fellowship to begin 7/1/18.  Her project is entitled "Structure-function studies of IncRNAs involved in myogenesis" and … [Read more...]

3rd Year Graduate Student Elizabeth Wagner receives NIH F31 award

Congratulations to 3rd year BMG student Beth Wagner on her NIH F31 grant award!!  Hurrah!! Kudos also to her mentor Dr. Jung-Bum Shin and his contribution. Be sure to congratulate both!   Grant Number: 1F31DC017370-01 Principal … [Read more...]

Hartwell Award-Dr. Sanchita Bhatnagar

Congratulations to Dr. Sanchita Bhatnagar for being selected as one of 12 recipients to receive this award from 10 institutions.  Please see article in UVA today for additional … [Read more...]