2020-Hao Jiang “Cancer Discovery Reveals Key Process in Tumor Formation”

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va., Sept. 14, 2020 – A discovery from the University of Virginia School of Medicine may open the door to an entirely new approach to treating cancer: by disrupting…

2020-Golam Mohi is awarded new Breast Cancer Breakthrough Award

Dr. Golam Mohi has been awarded a new Breast Cancer Breakthrough Award entitled " : Novel Targeted Therapy for Metastatic Triple-Negative Breast Cancer". This award is for three years totaling…

2020-Green Labs community Freezer Challenge

Congratulations to the Smith Lab for winning the Green labs community 2020 Freezer Challenge.   UVA Green Labs is excited share the results of the 2020 Freezer Challenge. First place…

2020-Roza Przanowska receives K99/R00

Congratulations to Roza Przanowska who has received a K99/R00 for her work on "Long non-coding RNA's as novel therapeutic targets in gliomas treatment"

2020-UVA’s Stefan Bekiranov and colleagues develop algorithm to allow researchers to study genetic diseases using quantum computers

Congratulations to Dr's. Bekiranov, McConnell, Ratan,  Please find the entire publication here:    

Dutta Lab Wins Green Lab Award

Congratulations to the Dutta Lab for their award for their work in maintaining a clean and safe lab.  The full article can be viewed below.

2020-Anindya Dutta-UVA Discovers How Genetic Testing Could Improve Patient Outcomes

For the full podcast:

BIMS 2020 White Coat Ceremony

On Friday February 14th, 51 BIMS and MSTP Students received their first White Lab Coats. The  Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program Lab Coat Ceremony took place in the Pinn Hall Conference …

2019-New Organelle That Helps Prevent Cancer Discovered Inside Our Cells, Dr. P. Todd Stukenberg

Scientists at the University of Virginia School of Medicine have discovered a strange new organelle inside our cells that helps to prevent cancer by ensuring that genetic material is sorted correctly as cells…

2019 AACR-Woman in Cancer Research Scholar Award-Rachisan Djiske

Congratulations to Rachisan Djiske, a student in the lab of Dr. Sanchita Bhatnagar, who is the recipient of a 2019 AACR award for Women in Cancer Research.  This award will…