2019 Best Postdoc Mentor Award-Dr. Piotr Przanowski

July 17, 2019 by School of Medicine Webmaster

Congratulations to Dr. Piotr Przanowski, a Research Associate in the lab of Dr. Sanchita Bhatnatar, for being one of 5 finalists whose mentoring exemplifies the selflessness and dedication of a stellar mentor.  Piotr has risen to the top of nominee list, as one of the five who will compete in the final round.  His competition includes his peers listed below.

  1. Alexandria Holland (University of Nottingham)
  2. Piotr Przanowski (University of Virginia)
  3. Nicole Bertoletti (Yale University)
  4. Daniel Lam (Technical University of Munich)
  5. Isha Sharma (Northwestern University)
Piotr Przanowski (University of Virginia)

“Over last 3 years at UVA he mentored more than 10 undergraduate students and 2 master students. His dedication to “not only learn but also teach” is exquisite. All of his students who already graduated, started medical or graduate school. During the training Dr. Przanowski focuses on teaching not only basic techniques, like cloning, cell culture or mice handling, but also critical scientific thinking. His students received awards for science projects conducted under his mentoring (i.e. The Double Hoo Research Grant, The Harrison Undergraduate Research Award). They are also authors of multiple scientific articles.” Roza (University of Virginia)


Terms and Conditions of the Award

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