2019 Hamlin Award-Prasad Trivedi

May 21, 2019 by School of Medicine Webmaster

Congratulations to Dr. Trivfedi who Is the winner of the Joyce L. Hamlin Student Award for 2019.

Prasad has been studying under the mentorship of Dr. Todd Stukenberg and will be moving on to a postdoctoral position in August.  Prasad currently has 2 first author papers with Todd out of a total of 5, along with an exciting manuscript pending in Nature Cell Biology.  His productive time in Todd’s lab is attributed to a “great intuitive sense of biological principles” coupled with an insatiable thirst for primary literature and scientific conversation.   Prasad’s work has “direct cancer relevance since the proteins he is analyzing make up the most overexpressed pathway in Chromosomally Instable (CIN) vs. nonCIN tumors.”

Please congratulate Prasad!