2018 Robert J. Kadner Award: Dr. Jeff Smith

September 19, 2018 by School of Medicine Webmaster

Dr. Jeff Smith

On behalf of the Academy of Distinguished Educators, I am writing to congratulate you on being awarded the 2018 Robert J. Kadner Award for Outstanding Graduate Teaching, because of your exceptional teaching.

We will recognize your receipt of this award at an upcoming fall event, held the evening of Thursday, November 8. Ashley Ayers, copied on this note, will be in touch with you with further details.

This award is established in honor of Robert J. Kadner, PhD, Norman J. Knorr Professor of Microbiology, who served as the senior founding Chair of the Academy of Distinguished Educators until his death in August 2005. Dr. Kadner devoted his 35 year career at the University of Virginia to the pursuit of outstanding teaching, training, and mentorship of graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and young faculty. This award recognizes faculty in the School of Medicine who have made outstanding contributions to teaching and mentoring doctoral candidates and/or postdoctoral fellows with MD or PhD degrees pursuing careers in basic and/or clinical laboratory research.

Those who nominated you noted several reasons for selecting you as the recipient of this award:

  • “I can safely say that without Jeff’s mentorship I and others wouldn’t be the scientists we are today.” – Graduate Student
  • “He is approachable, accessible, and treats his students with respect. Jeff pushes us to think of new ideas and possibilities for our projects while adding in his own unique suggestions. After a discussion with Jeff, we always feel energized and ready to push our projects forward.” – Graduate Student
  • “Without a doubt, I simply could not ask for a better mentor.” – Graduate Student
  • “Dr. Smith has a track record of success in teaching engaging, didactic courses, in facilitating and encouraging critical thinking, and in going above and beyond to ensure the teaching we graduate students receive spans the spectrum from the classroom to the laboratory.” – Graduate Student
  • “Jeff Smith certainly embodies the educational character of Bob Kadner and Bob would undoubtedly have been proud to name him a colleague worthy of recognition.” – Colleague
  • “Jeff always maintains an appreciation of each student’s unique academic background and perspective, which enables him to adapt his teaching to each student as they prepare to pursue their individual scientific and professional ambitions and interests.” – Graduate Student

Again, congratulations on this outstanding achievement.