All-University Teaching Award-2014-Dr. Selina Noramly

All-University Teaching Award: Selena Noramly, Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics, School of Medicine

What her nominator says: “She has snatched victory from potential chaos and given our future physicians an educational experience that is unprecedented at U.Va.”

What her colleagues say: “She inspires medical students to want to learn (because she shows them how much she cares about their success) and faculty to want to be the very best educators they can be, while shying away from the spotlight and working effectively behind the scenes.”

What her students say: “For many of us, trying to understand how glycolysis, the TCA cycle, purine degradation, etc. fit together in the context of human health and disease was proving to be an almost Herculean task. Noramly took a subject great and mysterious in itself, and unfolded it and simplified it so we could understand it.”

What she says: “Always the understanding of the bigger picture drives me. I believe a holistic view of the student creates the most successful learning interactions. It may behoove one to memorize enzymes and the minutiae of their functional regulation, but only in the larger context – otherwise, no understanding can occur.”